June Playlists: Rock or Pop

Hey Beauties!

I absolutely love writing these posts! Music is something that I listen to every single day. It can do everything from put me in a summery mood or help me deal with emotions when I'm angry or sad. As I've said a hundred times I am a pretty eclectic person so I listen to many different genres of music.

Here are two of my most favourite playlists at the moment! Let me know in the comments which one you prefer? And if you click the links you can find the songs on Spotify!



And there we have my two most favourite playlists at the moment! As you can tell, I have a very large range of music that I listen to. 
But if you had to pick a playlist to listen to which one would you pick?
 And have you discovered any new bands/artists from this post?

Thanks for reading lovelies!



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