Adding Something Extra To Your Outfit

Hey Beauties!

As many of you are aware, I love my jeans and t-shirts. I could spend day after day in them, no matter the weather. But this year I have gone out of my way to get myself out of this phase and so far so good! But along the way I've learnt one of the hardest things to do is find that something to make your outfit pop. That thing that emphasises your femininity. That thing that completes your outfit and that makes you look that bit more put together.

So I am going to share with you a few little tips and tricks that I've picked up over the past little while that I've found have not only added a little something to my outfit but have also made me feel more confident about what I'm wearing!

1. Sunglasses. 
I love sunglasses more than anything! They bring me so much joy! I could spend hours in a shop trying on different pairs of sunglasses and then admiring myself in a mirror (we can all be vain sometimes). For me they're actually a pain in the arse to wear because I have glasses, so I have to put contacts in first but I think its so worth it. When I wear sunglasses it makes me feel glamorous. So many of you are probably sat there and rolling your eyes like 'what the hell?' but it's true! When you wear sunglasses you can't see someone's eyes. They're hidden, mysterious and anonymous. They could be anyone, or anything and I love that! It gives me confidence in the fact that I could be anyone and people don't know its you until you take the glasses off. Plus, if you have a make-up free day/disaster then sunglasses can hide all that away. So even if you're ogling the hot shop assistant's behind no one knows!

2. Jewellery
I'm actually thinking about two things here in particular and both can really make a difference. Those things are earrings and bracelets. Both are great because they are something extra. Earrings, particularly dangle-y ones, can draw your eye to the line of your neck and shoulders, which is a really sensual area and is quite attractive in my eyes. And bracelets are particularly good when you're wearing very short sleeves because they break up the expanse of skin between your shoulder and hand. A couple of bangles on the wrist are really lovely on a hot day to just have something extra to look at. You have to be careful of your tan lines though! Don't wear a huge intricate piece if you aren't willing to deal with the consequences.

3. Nail Varnish
Nail varnish is BRILLIANT because it takes no time at all and can be really fun. If you're feeling particularly clever you can always try a pretty nail art design which are really easy to google, or you can cheat and use Nail Stickers (Click here to see a post on them!). The thing is people see your hands every day, you use them for everything so why not dress them up a bit! If you're a bit like me then rings are a pain in the butt to find in the right size, so you have to improvise. They don't have to be perfect; don't worry about that little chip on one finger, no one is going to be staring at your hands long enough to see that. But also, don't neglect the tootsies! Your toes may not be seen often, but if you're in sandals, open toed shoes or down on the beach then your feet are on display. Make them pretty with a gorgeous metallic green or deep red (my beach colours). Plus, it's always nice at the end of the day, when you put your feet up and your pretty nails are looking back at you! 

4.Your Bag.
Bags are not really my thing. I have a material tote or two, a couple black ones and a couple shoulder bags, but all of them are kind of dull. I bought this bag for a wedding reception that I went to and since that point I've fallen in love with it. It's a larger clutch although it does have a chain if you want to put it over your shoulder. But what really drew me to it was the colour! It's a coral pink and is a great pop of colour with any outfit. I actually bought matching heels with it because I fell in love with it so much. This bag I bought for £12.99 from New Look and it's beautiful. A nice size too so it fits all my bits and bobs! 


And there we go! Four things that I think can really put an extra touch to an outfit. These four things are so great because not only do they give you a little confidence boost but they also make it look like you've thought hard about your outfit. 

So what do you think Lovelies? 
Do you agree with my tips? Or would you add something else to this?
Please let me know in the comments below!



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