Well, it's Been A While...

Hey Everyone!

It feels like it's been ages since I've sat down and had a good old chin-wag with all you lovely people. It has definitely been an eventful year; both everything has happened and nothing at all. I had a summer job at a Theme Park by the coast but that has since ended- that was a hell of an experience! I both started and finished a course of therapy known as CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) which was incredibly helpful. And now we're quickly gaining on Christmas and I have thoroughly immersed myself in the holiday spirit! I actually put on Christmas carols the other day and sung along loudly to Michael Buble much to the horror of my friends.

But I am back and, fingers crossed, I've made some huge changes that I hope will benefit me, and this blog!

So the contents of this blog/site will in some ways stay the same, some fashion/beuaty/accessories/reviews, but also I hope to post more discussion and personal posts. I want to be able to offer support whilst also encouraging myself and others to change for the better!

It's going to be different but I'm feeling positive and motivated! I know I've said this a few times but thank you everyone for sticking by me and I hope that you will enjoy the posts to come! I have so many ideas and I'm so looking forward to writing them.

Leave me comments below and tell me what's changed in your life and what your plans for the future are! 
Also, please leave any suggestions you have or any links you want me to check out!

Thanks for reading!




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