Delicious Summer Salad Recipe

** This salad is not vegetarian but is suitable for a paleo diet **

I have a massive sweet tooth, if you stuck a bowl of chocolate in front of me and a bowl of anything else; the chocolate would always win. I've had a sweet tooth ever since I was young andI have never been a huge healthy food eater. For starters, I have an aversion to anything green. Seriously, I prefer red grapes to green grapes, the green sweets are never my favourite and runner beans are vile. My taste buds have been likened to those of a three year old.

So it's fair to say that if I go to a restaurant nine times out of ten, I will leave the salad untouched on the side of my plate (apart from the tomatoes).

However, I've recently eaten something that has given me a new perspective on salad! It was a Salad my sister, Sue, made from a recipe she found on the "Just Eat Real Food" Facebook Page. It was absolutely delicious and definitely something I'd like to make and eat again.

This salad contains:
 - Cucumber
 - Cherry Tomatoes
 - Red Pepper
 - Yellow Pepper
 - Red Onion

All of these ingredients were diced up and combined in a bowl. We guessed the amounts according to the size of the bowel we were using.

Next the chicken was added! Sue went with chicken Tikka, pre-packaged but any kind of chicken could work. We thought this tasted extra delicious! Sue has a great way with flavour (she understand what season to taste means) and also decided to add paprika and black pepper for an extra kick.

Then she created the sauce. This was a home made mayonnaise type sauce containing:
 - Juice from half a lemon
 - An egg yolk
 - Half a teaspoon sea salt
 - Half a cup light olive oil with garlic
All the ingredients were mixed together to make the sauce, and then mixed in with the rest of the salad. The whole thing was then popped in the fridge for up to an hour to chill.

Sue then went on to add some plain Greek yoghurt just to make it that little bit thicker, and it worked really well! Truly delicious!

Sue decided to pop it all in a Jar which not only looked super pretty but would also make the salad perfect for a day out when you want to pop in in your bag if you're on the go. This salad would be perfect for a picnic or just for sitting out in the sun with a book. It was delicious and as I said, I'm not one for eating salad!

I will definitely be making this again! 

To check out my sister's blog please **click here**. She is a little gym buddy with a fitness blog for food, motivation and all things healthy.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the salad and if you're tempted to give it a go! 
Please leave me any links to delicious summer foods to try as well!

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